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ATV News
Launched May 29, 1957; 59 years ago (1957-05-29)
Closed April 1, 2016; 12 months ago (2016-04-01)
Owned by Asia Television
Country  Hong Kong
Broadcast area Regional
Headquarters Hong Kong
Website ATV News Home Page

ATV News (Chinese: 亞視新聞, Pinyin: Yà shì xīnwén) was the newsgathering arm of ATV in Hong Kong. It provided news programmes to both its ATV Home and ATV World.

On April 11, 2011, ATV News unveiled its new title sequence, which was turned out to be a copy of a personal conception of BBC News title sequence published by Michael Wood on YouTube. Days later, they were forced to revert to the previous title as a result.

Due to ATV's chronic financial problems, most of the newsgathering staff were laid off on 6 February 2016. On 20 February 2016, ATV was ordered to restore production of Cantonese news until the end of ATV's broadcast licence period on 1 April 2016.

Current affairs[edit]

Besides producing daily news reports, ATV offered eight news programmes: Cantonese, Mandarin, English. Its news programmes broadcast in Cantonese were:

Its two English-language news programmes were ATV Newsline, a discussion show, and ATV Inside Story, a topical magazine show.

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