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AT (Applied Technologies) Internet, Limited
Private - owned by Alain Llorens
Industry Web Analytics
Market Research
Online Optimization
Web Marketing
Founded 1995
Headquarters Bordeaux, France
Key people
Alain Llorens, (Chairman/Founder)
Mathieu Llorens, CEO

Sébastien Carriot, CTO
Cyril Mazeau, CFO
Products XITI Analyzer II
Sales Tracker
Data Explorer
Website AT Internet

AT Internet is a privately held company that provides integral analysis of websites, intranet and mobile sites. It has provided these services since 1995.[1] The company is commonly known (especially in France) by the name of its flagship product XiTi (fr).

AT Internet offers an advanced analytics platform for measuring web and mobile audiences, enabling companies to drive their digital performance in real time. The brand’s core products are: Analyzer (Web & Mobile Analytics), Dashboard Application[3] (dashboard creation, management and visualization tool), Data Query (API request generator), BuzzWatcher (e-reputation monitoring), ChannelOptimizer (multi-channel attribution) and Observer (server performance monitoring).


The company was founded in 1995 by owner Alain Llorens as a web agency. The focus shifted to web analytics in 1997.[2]

International Expansion[edit]

As part of a strategic move to extend its reach to an international audience, the company hired Nicolas Babin as COO and Executive Vice President of Marketing. It also established offices in the United Kingdom and Germany, as well as Asia and Canada.[3]

Market Research and The AT Internet Institute[edit]

In July, 2000 the research arm of the organization, XiTi, was created. XiTi (fr) would go on to publish several studies and benchmarking reports pertaining to Internet user behaviors, trends and preferences. In 2004, XiTi was chosen to carry out audience research for the French Government. The project spanned 2 years and covered 70 governmental websites. The objective was to better define the expectations of the French public towards ministerial and interministerial website performance.[4][5]


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