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Aspennians Society (AZPEN)
Location , Philippines

Aspennians Society (AZPEN) is the first Inter-College fraternity in the Philippines.


It began in the early 1990s with twelve members at Misamis University known as Twelve Elements. Like most fraternities at MU, the AZPENs began as more of a college literary society and evolved eventually into having a more social focus. During the organization's early years, the Twelve Elements who strove to create a society that would last long after their college days.


The Aspennians society is one of the largest fraternities in the Philippines with about 500,000 unregistered members with 128 chapters nationwide.

Members are chosen on the basis of enthusiastic personality to gather all students who are deprived of their Self Esteem and to widen their self-confidence with enthusiasm to complete their goals.