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A Bite of China
A Bite of China.jpg
MandarinShéjiān shàng de zhōngguó
Created byLiu Wen
Directed byChen Xiaoqing
Narrated byLi Lihong
Composer(s)Roc Chen
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin Chinese
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes22
Executive producer(s)Liu Wen
Producer(s)Zhou Yan, Shi Yan, Shi Shilun
Production location(s)China
Editor(s)Zhang Ning, Liu Wen
Running time50 minutes
Production company(s)China Central Television
DistributorChina Central Television
Original networkCCTV-1, CCTV-9
Picture format576i (Letterboxed 4:3 SDTV),
1080i (HDTV)
Original release14 May 2012 (2012-05-14) –
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A Bite of China

A Bite of China (Chinese: 舌尖上的中国; pinyin: Shéjiān shàng de Zhōngguó; literally: 'China on the tongue tip') is a Chinese documentary television series on the history of food, eating, and cooking in China directed by Chen Xiaoqing (陈晓卿), narrated by Li Lihong (李立宏) with original music composed by Roc Chen (阿鲲). It first aired 14 May 2012 on China Central Television and quickly gained high ratings and widespread popularity.[1][2] The seven-episode documentary series, which began filming in March 2011, introduces the history and story behind foods of various kinds in more than 60 locations in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.[3] The documentary has also been actively encouraged as a means of introducing Chinese food culture to those unfamiliar with local cuisine. Various notable chefs such as Shen Hongfei and Chua Lam were consultants on the project.

A second season of A Bite of China, also consisting of seven episodes (plus trailer), aired from 18 April to 6 June 2014.[4][5] The third season is aired from 19 to 26 February 2018, during the Spring Festival holiday.[6]

Foods Featured[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Episode Title Dish (Chinese) Dish (English) Location
1 Gifts from Nature 烤松茸 Grilled Matsutake Xamgyi'nyilha County, Yunnan
1 Gifts from Nature 油焖冬笋 Stewed bamboo shoots Suichang County, Zhejiang
1 Gifts from Nature 黄豆酸笋小黄鱼 Deep-fried little yellow croakers fried with soybean and pickled bamboo shoots Liuzhou, Guangxi
1 Gifts from Nature 螺蛳粉 Rice noodle in snail soup (Luosifen) Guangxi
1 Gifts from Nature 腌笃鲜 Yan Du Xian Suichang County, Zhejiang
1 Gifts from Nature 莴笋炒火腿 Nuodeng ham with Celtuce Dali, Yunnan
1 Gifts from Nature 火腿炒饭 Nuodeng ham fried rice Dali, Yunnan
1 Gifts from Nature 炸藕夹 Deep-fried lotus root sandwich Jiayu County, Hubei
1 Gifts from Nature 莲藕炖排骨 Stewed spareribs with lotus root Jiayu County, Hubei
1 Gifts from Nature 酸辣藕丁 Hot and sour diced lotus root Jiayu County, Hubei
1 Gifts from Nature 鱼头泡饼 Fish head soup with Chinese style flatbread Chagan Lake, Jilin
1 Gifts from Nature 垮炖杂鱼 Stewed mixed fish in thick soy sauce of Northeast Chinese style Chagan Lake, Jilin
1 Gifts from Nature 水煮红螺 Sanya, Hainan
1 Gifts from Nature 香煎马鲛鱼 Fried scomberomorus Sanya, Hainan
1 Gifts from Nature 蒜烧池子鱼 Sanya, Hainan
1 Gifts from Nature 酸菜炮弹鱼 Boiled bullet mackerel with pickled cabbage Sanya, Hainan
2 The Story of Staple Foods 花馍 Dingcun, Xiangfen, Shanxi
2 The Story of Staple Foods 黄馍馍 Steamed broom corn millet bun Suide County, Shaanxi
2 The Story of Staple Foods Naan Kuche, Xinjiang
2 The Story of Staple Foods 黎平汤粉 Liping Rice Noodle Soup Liping, Guizhou
2 The Story of Staple Foods 干炒牛河 Beef chow fun Guangzhou
2 The Story of Staple Foods 肉夹馍 Roujiamo Xi'an
2 The Story of Staple Foods 泡馍 Paomo Xi'an
2 The Story of Staple Foods 兰州牛肉面 Lanzhou beef lamian Lanzhou
2 The Story of Staple Foods 竹升面 Jook-sing noodles Guangzhou
2 The Story of Staple Foods 长寿面 Longevity Noodles Dingcun, XiangfenShanxi
2 The Story of Staple Foods 岐山臊子面 Qishan noodles with minced pork Qishan, Shaanxi
2 The Story of Staple Foods 嘉兴肉粽子 Jiaxing meat sticky rice dumpling (meat Zongzi) Jiaxing, Zhejiang
2 The Story of Staple Foods 宁波年糕 Ningbo rice cake (Ningbo Niangao) Ningbo, Zhejiang
2 The Story of Staple Foods 梭子蟹炒年糕 Niangao (rice cake) stir-fried with crabs Ningbo, Zhejiang
2 The Story of Staple Foods 焖面 Braised noodles Beijing
2 The Story of Staple Foods 饺子 Jiaozi Beijing
3 Inspiration for Change 豆腐 Tofu Jianshui, Yunnan/Shiping, Yunnan/Shou County, Anhui
3 Inspiration for Change 奶豆腐/奶茶 Quark and milk tea Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia
3 Inspiration for Change 黄酒/酱油 Shaoxing wine and soy sauce Shaoxing
4 The Taste of Time 泡菜 Pao cai Yanbian Prefecture, Jilin
4 The Taste of Time 腊肠 (和興腊味) Chinese sausage (Wo Hing Preserved Meats) Hong Kong
4 The Taste of Time 腌鱼, 腊肉 Cured Fish, Preserved Pork Xiangxi Prefecture, Hunan
4 The Taste of Time 金华火腿 Jinhua ham Jinhua, Zhejiang
4 The Taste of Time 虾酱 Shrimp paste Hong Kong
5 Secrets of the Kitchen 汽锅鸡 Qiguo ji (Yunnan steamed chicken soup) Kunming
5 Secrets of the Kitchen 包子 Baozi Yangzhou
5 Secrets of the Kitchen 葱烧海参 Braised sea cucumber Shandong
5 Secrets of the Kitchen 西湖醋鱼 West Lake fish in vinegar gravy Hangzhou
6 A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors 糖葱薄饼 Spring onion flatbread Shantou
6 A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors 熏鸭 Smoked duck Xiashan
6 A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors 酱排骨 Cured spare ribs Wuxi
6 A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors 陈皮鸭 Chenpi duck Macau
6 A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors 盐焗鸡 Baked chicken in salt Guangdong
6 A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors 糖醋排骨 Sweet and sour pork ribs Zhenjiang
6 A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors 鱼香肉丝 Yuxiangrousi (Yuxiang shredded pork, Pork with garlic sauce) Sichuan
6 A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors 豆瓣酱 Doubanjiang Sichuan
6 A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors 麻婆豆腐 Mapo doufu Sichuan
6 A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors 藤椒鱼 Rattan fish Sichuan
6 A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors 麻辣火锅 Spicy hot pot Chongqing
6 A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors 紫菜蛋汤 Seaweed egg drop soup Shantou
6 A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors 鱼丸紫菜煲 Seaweed fish ball pot Shantou
6 A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors 清蒸鱼 Steamed fish Guangzhou
6 A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors 白切鸡 Steamed chicken Guangzhou
7 Our Farm 酸汤鱼 Fish in sour soup Zhangzidao, Liaoning
7 Our Farm 赛螃蟹 Saipangxie (Tasty-as-crab)
7 Our Farm 蟹黄汤包 Crab-roe tang bao Jingjiang, Jiangsu
7 Our Farm 蟹黄汪豆腐 Tofu with crab yolk Xinghua, Jiangsu
7 Our Farm 芋头红烧肉 Red braised pork belly with taro Xinghua, Jiangsu
7 Our Farm 青稞酒 Chhaang Tibet
7 Our Farm 油炸倭瓜花 Fried pumpkin flowers Beijing
7 Our Farm 角瓜饺子 Zucchini Jiaozi Beijing

Season 2[edit]

Some of these English translations are based on China Daily so may not be accurate.[7]

Episode Title Dish (Chinese) Dish (English) Location
1 Footsteps 麻辣香肠 Spicy sausage
1 Footsteps 蜜汁鳗鱼 Honey-glazed eel
1 Footsteps 清炖跳跳鱼 Stewed mudskippers
1 Footsteps 山东煎饼 Shandong-style jianbing Shandong
1 Footsteps 潮州春卷 Chaozhou spring rolls Chaozhou, Guangdong
1 Footsteps 雷山鱼酱 Leishan fish sauce Leishan County, Guizhou
1 Footsteps 酥油蜂蜜 Honey shortening
1 Footsteps 蓝田裤带面 Lantian Biangbiang noodles Lantian County, Shaanxi
1 Footsteps 煎饼卷大葱 Scallions in Shandong-style jianbing
1 Footsteps 泉州萝卜饭 Quanzhou radish rice roll Quanzhou, Fujian
2 Heart's Message 菜籽油 Rapeseed Oil She County, Anhui
2 Heart's Message 挂面 Hung-dried Noodles Shaanxi
2 Heart's Message 糯米卷 Sticky Rice Rolls Suzhou
2 Heart's Message 苏式小方糕 Suzhou-style Little Diamond Cakes Suzhou
2 Heart's Message 蕨根糍粑 Fern Root Cake Chenzhou
2 Heart's Message 蚝烙 Or Luak (Oyster Omelette with Tapioca Starch) Shantou
2 Heart's Message 烫干丝 Dried tofu threads in consommé Yangzhou
2 Heart's Message 扣三丝 Chicken, Mushroom, Ham Threads in Consommé Shanghai
2 Heart's Message 油爆河虾 Flash Fried River Shrimp Shanghai
2 Heart's Message 黄鳝啫啫煲 Swamp eel clay pot Guangzhou
2 Heart's Message 三套鸭 Santaoya (Farm-raised duck stuffed with wild duck and squab)
2 Heart's Message 脱骨鱼 Bone-free fish
2 Heart's Message 船点 Boat pastry Suzhou
2 Heart's Message 枣泥拉糕 Jujube paste cake Suzhou
2 Heart's Message 苏州头汤面 Suzhou noodles cooked in first-time soup Suzhou
2 Heart's Message 重庆小面 Chongqing small noodles Chongqing
2 Heart's Message 凉拌猪耳 Pig ears dressed with sause
2 Heart's Message 蒜泥白肉 Thin-sliced pork belly with minced garlic sauce
2 Heart's Message 红油 Chili oil
2 Heart's Message 油炸锅巴 Fried Scorched rice
2 Heart's Message 回锅肉 Twice cooked pork
3 Seasons 雷笋炒肉丝 Fried shredded pork with early spring bamboo shoots
3 Seasons 笋干炖鸡 Stewed chicken with dried bamboo shoots
3 Seasons 铁锅炖鱼 Fish and tofu stewed in iron pot
3 Seasons 咸肉蒸黄泥拱竹笋 Steamed bacon with Huang-ni-gong bamboo shoots
3 Seasons 榆钱饭 Steamed elm seeds with cornmeal
3 Seasons 紫苏炒青蛳 Purple perilla fried with water snails
3 Seasons 玛仁糖/切糕 Xinjiang cut cake Xinjiang
3 Seasons 抓饭 Xinjiang polu Xinjiang
3 Seasons 虾子小刀面 Noodles with shrimp roe
3 Seasons 桂花糯米藕 Steamed lotus root stuffed with sticky rice and sweet olive flower
3 Seasons 板栗烧鸡 Braised chicken with chestnuts
3 Seasons 老鸭雁来蕈 Old duck stewed with lactarius deliciosus
4 Daily Domestics 小凹馍 Steamed concave buns made of maize flour and Chinese chives
4 Daily Domestics 莜面凉皮 Naked oat glass noodle
4 Daily Domestics 天门蒸菜 Tian-men steamed dishes
4 Daily Domestics 红烧肉 Red braised pork belly
4 Daily Domestics 泡菜鱼 Stewed fish in paocai
4 Daily Domestics 泡菜 Paocai
4 Daily Domestics 西瓜酱 Watermelon jam
4 Daily Domestics 虾子焖茭白 Shrimp roe stewed with manchurian wild rice
4 Daily Domestics 蒲菜涨蛋 Cattail omelette
4 Daily Domestics 蒲菜水饺 Cattail dumplings
4 Daily Domestics 奶汤蒲菜 Stewed cattail in milky soup
4 Daily Domestics 蒲笋干烧肉 Braised pork with cattail
4 Daily Domestics 陈皮红豆沙 Orange flavored red bean paste
4 Daily Domestics 红豆姜撞奶 Ginger milk with red bean
4 Daily Domestics 莲子龟苓膏 Lotus seed Guilinggao (tortoise jelly)
4 Daily Domestics 木瓜雪耳羹 Dessert soup with snow ear and papaya
4 Daily Domestics 鹌鹑蛋白果糖水 Tong sui (dessert soup) with quail eggs and ginkgo fruit
4 Daily Domestics 黄糖糍粑 Glutinous rice cake with brown sugar
4 Daily Domestics 猪脚姜 Stewed pig's feet with ginger
4 Daily Domestics 冬瓜荷叶煲老鸭 Boiled old duck with winter melon and lotus leaf
5 Encounters 小鸡炖蘑菇 Stewed chick with mushroom Jilin
5 Encounters 烩南北 Stewed mushrooms with winter bamboo shoots
5 Encounters 重庆火锅 Chongqing hot pot Chongqing
5 Encounters 北京涮肉火锅 Beijing hot pot (Shuan yangrou) Beijing
5 Encounters 云南菌子火锅 Yunnan mushroom hot pot Yunnan
5 Encounters 潮汕牛肉火锅 Chaoshan Beef hot pot Chaoshan
5 Encounters 鸡蛋仔 Egg puff Hong Kong
5 Encounters 粉圆 Tapioca Pearls Hong Kong
5 Encounters 烤香肠 Toasted sausage
5 Encounters 葡式焗扇贝 Portuguese-style baked scallops Macau
5 Encounters 豆腐蒸桂花鱼 Steamed mandarin fish with tofu
5 Encounters 金汤水煮鳜鱼 Stewed mandarin fish in pumpkin soup
5 Encounters 水煮海鲜 Poached seafood
5 Encounters 盆菜 Poon choi / basin meal
5 Encounters 西湖醋鱼 West Lake fish in vinegar gravy
5 Encounters 鲤鱼焙面 Baked noodles with sweet-and-sour carp
5 Encounters 开封灌汤包 Kaifeng soup dumplings Kaifeng
5 Encounters 杭州小笼包 Hangzhou soup dumplings Hangzhou
5 Encounters 片儿川 Noodles with pork, bamboo shoot and Chinese mustard green (Pian'erchuan) Kaifeng, Henan
5 Encounters 罗宋汤 Borscht Shanghai
5 Encounters 炸猪排 Deep fried pork cutlet Shanghai
5 Encounters 牛肉球 Steamed beef ball
5 Encounters 纳仁 Stewed mutton with noodles (Naren)
5 Encounters 大盘鸡 Saute spicy chicken with potatoes and noodles (Dapanji) Xinjiang
5 Encounters 架子肉 Meat roasted on skewer
5 Encounters 烤包子 Roasted samsas
5 Encounters 拉条子 Lagman noodle Xinjiang
5 Encounters 上海桂花糕 Shanghai osmanthus cake
5 Encounters 红烧牛肉面 Noodles with red braised beef
5 Encounters 壳菜肉/淡菜 Dried mussel meat
6 Realm of Secrets 酸辣华子鱼 Hot and sour Amur ide
6 Realm of Secrets 沙蟹汁 Ghost crab extract
6 Realm of Secrets 韭花酱 Chive flower sauce
6 Realm of Secrets 羊肚包肉 Roasted mutton wrapped in lamb tripe
6 Realm of Secrets 红柳枝烤羊肉 Mutton cubes kawap on rose willow branch
6 Realm of Secrets 手抓羊肉 Boiled mutton / Mutton eaten with hands
6 Realm of Secrets Xinjiang naan Xinjiang
6 Realm of Secrets 清蒸石斑鱼 Steamed grouper
6 Realm of Secrets 清蒸鱼干 Steamed dried fish
6 Realm of Secrets 清蒸虾干 Steamed dried shrimps
6 Realm of Secrets 炒鸡枞 Fried termite mushroom
7 Three Meals 煎饼果子 Tianjin-style jianbing (jianbing with youtiao) Tianjin
7 Three Meals 面窝 Mianwo (Wuhan-style fried doughnut) Wuhan
7 Three Meals 三鲜豆皮 Seafood tofu skin
7 Three Meals 热干面 Hot dry noodles Wuhan
7 Three Meals 艇仔粥 Tingzai porridge Guangzhou
7 Three Meals 肠粉 Rice noodle roll Guangzhou
7 Three Meals 干蒸烧卖 Siu mai (Steamed pork dumplings) Guangzhou
7 Three Meals 榴莲酥 Crispy durian cake Guangzhou
7 Three Meals 虾饺 Har gow (Steamed shrimp dumpling) Guangzhou
7 Three Meals 咸鸭蛋 Salted duck egg
7 Three Meals 剁椒蒸鱼头 Steamed fish head with pickled peppers
7 Three Meals 蒿子粑粑 Crown daisy rice cake
7 Three Meals 干子烧肉 Braised pork with dried tofu
7 Three Meals 时蔬彩虹蛋糕 Seasonal vegetables rainbow cake
7 Three Meals 冰皮月饼 Snow skin mooncake Hong Kong
7 Three Meals 生煎包 Shengjian mantou (Fried bun stuffed with pork)
7 Three Meals 锅盔 Guokui
7 Three Meals 豌杂面 Noodles with peas and meat sauce Sichuan
7 Three Meals 麻辣鸡 Chicken cured with chili and flower pepper
7 Three Meals 酸木瓜煮鱼 Stewed fish with pickled papaya
7 Three Meals 爆炒见手青 Stir-fried Jian-Shou-Qing mushrooms


A Bite of China attracted high ratings during its nightly airing on CCTV-1, drawing an estimated 100 million viewers.[8] It also has an overall approval rating of 91% on Douban.[9] Oliver Thring of The Guardian praised it as "the best TV show I've ever seen about food. I'd hazard it's the best one ever made."[10]


In the Episode 2 of the Season 3, the voice-over indicates that Huifang as a community in Xi'an dates back to Tang dynasty. The remark was refuted by a history scholar, Yu Gengzhe. Yu commented on Weibo that where present-day Huifang located, was the Central Secretariat of Tang, along with the barracks of the imperial guards. And a mosque supposedly was sited there in the Song.[11]


The background Chinese painting appeared in the documentary's poster is "Ridge cloud with rain" (岭云带雨) by Xu Qinsong (许钦松). At first, the poster designer used the painting without permission of Mr. Xu, However, this copyright issue was later solved by reconciliation between the artist and the documentary producer.[12]

International Broadcast[edit]


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