A Bitter Fate

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A Bitter Fate
Strepetova as Elizabeth by Repin.jpg
Ilya Repin's portrait of Polina Strepetova (a famed actress) as Lizaveta, the protagonist of A Bitter Fate.
Written by Aleksey Pisemsky
Original language Russian
Subject Serfdom in Russia
Genre Realistic tragedy

A Bitter Fate (Russian: Горькая судьбина, Gorkaya sudbina), also translated as A Bitter Lot, is an 1859 realistic play by Aleksey Pisemsky.[1] The play tackles serfdom in Russia and the social and moral divisions that it creates by means of a story that focuses on a provincial ménage à trois.[1] With the exception of Leo Tolstoy's The Power of Darkness (1886), it is the only major play to dramatise the experiences of peasants in the history of Russian realistic drama.[2] It has been described as a masterpiece of the Russian theatre and the first Russian realistic tragedy.[3] The play is available in English translation in Masterpieces of the Russian Drama, Volume 1, edited by George Rapall Noyes, Dover Publications, 1961.


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