A Blank in the Weather Map

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A Blank in the Weather Map
A Blank in the Weather Map.JPG
A Blank in the Weather Map
Author Kunio Yanagida
Original title 空白の天気図
Translator A Blank in the Weather Map
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Genre Non-fiction
Published 1975 (Shinchosha, JP)
Media type Print (Paperback), e-book
Pages 273 pp (JP),(443 pp)
ISBN 978-4-10-322301-6

A Blank in the Weather Map (空白の天気図, Kuhaku-no Tenki-zu) is a non-fiction book written by Japanese author Kunio Yanagida, it was published in Japan in 1975. The book is about the Hiroshima Meteorological Observatory in 1945. Hiroshima was fully destroyed in the Atomic Bombing on August 6, 1945.

One month later, the phenomenal and powerful typhoon called Makurazaki Typhoon hit Hiroshima and 1229 dead, 1054 injured, 783 missing in Hiroshima Prefecture. This book investigated what really happened there, why the Meteorological Observatory couldn't help the people. At that time, Hiroshima's administration systems were destroyed and was unable to inform the public about the typhoon. The survivors lost their houses from the bomb and were living in barracks or hospitals.


  • Introduction - Enigma of the 2,000 deaths
  • Chapter 1 - The Flash
  • Chapter 2 - No Lack of the Observation
  • Chapter 3 - The 17th of September, 1945
  • Chapter 4 - The Disaster of the Research Group on Atomic Bomb from Kyoto University
  • Chapter 5 - The Black Rain
  • Last chapter - The Record of the Sandglass

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