A Book of Wisdom and Lies

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A Book of Wisdom and Lies
Vaxtan VI sulxan saba. saidan.XVIII s. miniatura.jpg
AuthorSulkhan-Saba Orbeliani
TranslatorKatharine Vivian
GenreFable, Picaresque novel, Grotesque, Allegory
Publication date
Pages174 pages

A Book of Wisdom and Lies (Georgian: წიგნი სიბრძნე სიცრუისა) is a collection of fables and tales written by Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani between 1686 and 1695.

Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani was 20–25 years old he wrote a collection of fables and tales “Sibrdzne Sitsruisa” (“A Book of Wisdom of Lies”), which is a fruit of his observation over life. The reader feels how ably, deliberately and naturally the great creator interlaces some idea, intelligence and results of living observations in humans and animals. He knows human nature, all its strong and weak points well. He describes various sides of human actions; he gives answers to many questions and you realize that a human should create kindness in his life.

One of the most famous works by the 17th-18th Century Georgian man of letters, containing Sufic and other narratives, tales and anecdotes. "Racy, clear and humorous--though the serious parts also read convincingly."[1]—Professor David Lang.