A Brief Historical Retrospective

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The Sea and Cake
A Brief Historical Retrospective.jpg
Compilation album by The Sea and Cake
Released July 2, 1997
Recorded 1994–1995
Genre Indie rock, Jazz
Length 72:24
The Sea and Cake chronology
The Fawn
(1997)The Fawn1997
A Brief Historical Retrospective
Two Gentlemen
(1997)Two Gentlemen1997

A Brief Historical Retrospective is a 1997 compilation album by The Sea and Cake, released only in Japan. It consists solely of tracks from the band's first two studio albums, The Sea and Cake (1994) and Nassau (1995), plus the unrelated song "Glad You're Right."

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Jacking the Ball" 3:52
2. "Flat Lay the Water" 4:52
3. "Bombay" 3:59
4. "So Long to the Captain" 5:07
5. "Bring My Car I Feel to Smash It" 4:26
6. "Showboat Angel" 4:38
7. "Lost in Autumn" 4:38
8. "Chainer" 4:58
9. "Nature Boy" 5:03
10. "Parasol" 5:27
11. "A Man Who Never Sees a Pretty Girl That He Doesn't Love Her a Little" 3:04
12. "The World Is Against You" 3:12
13. "Alone, For the Moment" 4:39
14. "The Cantina" 4:47
15. "Earth Star" 5:08
16. "Glad You're Right" 4:27