A Brother with Perfect Timing

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A Brother with perfect timing
A brother With Perfect Timing.jpg
Directed by Chris Austin (film director)
Distributed by Africa Film Library
Release date
Running time
90 minutes
Country South Africa
Language English

A Brother With Perfect Timing is a 1987 documentary, directed by Chris Austin, about musician Abdullah Ibrahim and his struggle against apartheid in South Africa.[1]


The documentary includes a live performance by Ibrahim and discussions about two of his compositions, "Anthem for a New Nation" and "Mannenberg".


The New York Times positively reviewed the film, calling it "a well-rounded view of a musician for whom exile means both pain and inspiration".[2] The film was reviewed in the book Jazz on Film where author Scott Yanow praised the movie's "blend of interviews and music".[3] Coda magazine also reviewed the documentary, commenting that Ibrahim "comes across as an admirable and dignified religious man".[4]


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