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For A Chau (丫洲) in Tai Po District, see Centre Island, Hong Kong.

A Chau
Native name: 鴉洲
A Chau is located in Hong Kong
A Chau
A Chau
Coordinates 22°31′39.72″N 114°12′38.95″E / 22.5277000°N 114.2108194°E / 22.5277000; 114.2108194Coordinates: 22°31′39.72″N 114°12′38.95″E / 22.5277000°N 114.2108194°E / 22.5277000; 114.2108194
Hong Kong

A Chau (Chinese: 鴉洲, Jyutping: aa1 zau1, Pinyin: Yāzhōu) is a small island in the inner most of Starling Inlet (Sha Tau Kok Hoi), off Nam Chung,[1] in the north-eastern New Territories of Hong Kong. It is under the administration of North District. The island falls within the Closed Area.

View of A Chau


A Chau has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest since 1985.[2] The fauna of the island includes night heron, little egret, great egret, black-headed gull and herring gull. It is also a breeding site for the passage migrants.[1] It was reported in 2007 that A Chau was the largest egretry in Hong Kong and may also have been one of the most important night roosting sites for the ardeids in winter.[3][4]

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