A Chinese Torture Chamber Story

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A Chinese Torture Chamber Story
Traditional 滿清十大酷刑
Simplified 满清十大酷刑
Directed by Bosco Lam
Produced by Wong Jing
Written by Cheuk Bing
Chui Dat-choh
Starring Yvonne Yung
Lawrence Ng
Music by Lee Hon-kam
Marco Wan
Cinematography Tony Miu
Edited by Chan Gan-shing
Wong Jing's Workshop Ltd.
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Release date
  • 19 May 1994 (1994-05-19)
Running time
92 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$10,404,725

A Chinese Torture Chamber Story is a 1994 Hong Kong erotic (Category III) comedy film produced by Wong Jing and directed by Bosco Lam. The film's Chinese title literally means Ten Tortures of the Manchu Qing Dynasty.


Siu-bak-choi (lit. "Little Cabbage") is a female servant of the physician Yeung Nai-mou. Yeung is open towards the topic of sex, which is usually considered taboo in traditional Chinese society. He invents a type of condom to help people avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases, but his idea was not accepted and he was scorned at. Lau Hoi-sing, the lecherous son of a local judge, has an adulterous affair with Yeung's wife, but they are discovered by Little Cabbage. Yeung's wife tries to send Little Cabbage away by forcing the latter to marry Gok Siu-dai so as to prevent Little Cabbage from telling Yeung about her secret affair. Lau has been eyeing Little Cabbage for some time and he rapes her, but is discovered by Gok. Yeung's wife is afraid of being implicated so she instigates Lau to murder Gok and frame Yeung and Little Cabbage for the deed. The pair are put on trial and subjected to tortures to force them to "confess" to the crime.


  • Yvonne Yung as Siu-bak-choi (Little Cabbage)
  • Lawrence Ng as Yeung Nai-mou
  • Tommy Wong as Gok Siu-dai
  • Ching Mai as Jane, Yeung's wife
  • Oh Yin-hei as Yeung's sister
  • Kenny Wong as Lau Hoi-sing
  • Elvis Tsui as Win Chung-lung
  • Kingdom Yuen as Nanny
  • Julie Lee as Ki Dan-fung
  • Lo Hung as Judge Lau, Hoi Sing's father
  • Lee Siu-kei as Judge of Supreme Court
  • Liu Fan as Prison guard
  • Dave Lam as Court assistant
  • Leung Sai-on
  • Leung Kei-hei
  • Aman Chang

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