A Chip Off the Old Block

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A Chip Off the Old Block
Acotob poster.jpg
A Chip Off the Old Block promo poster
Genre Comedy
Created by Poon Ka-tak
Written by Chan Kam-ling
Starring Ron Ng
Sunny Chan
Myolie Wu
Shirley Yeung
David Chiang
Gigi Wong
Nancy Wu
Louis Yuen
Carlo Ng
Theme music composer Chow Wing Hang
Opening theme "Don't Say I Didn't Mind You" (咪話唔就你) by Ron Ng and Myolie Wu
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 21
Executive producer(s) Poon Ka-tak
Location(s) Hong Kong
Camera setup Multi camera
Running time 45 mins.
Production company(s) TVB
Original network TVB Jade
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release November 30 – December 27, 2009
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A Chip Off the Old Block
ACOTOB title.jpg
Title screen shot
Traditional Chinese 巴不得爸爸...
Simplified Chinese 巴不得爸爸...
Literal meaning "Anxious Father"

A Chip Off the Old Block (Traditional Chinese: 巴不得爸爸...) is a 2009 TVB television drama from Hong Kong produced and created by Poon Ka Tak. The original broadcast was on the TVB Jade with approximately 45-minute-long episodes airing five days a week. The final two episodes were an hour and a half long each, which aired during the weekends. A Chip Off the Old Block tells the story of the articulate businessman Chor Chi, who accidentally travels back in time to the 1960s and meets his younger father, Chor Fan.


"With a distinguished father such as you,
the son is sure to do well".

However, for this pair of Father and son, it is quite difficult because both of them have different characters, different way of doing things, and even their life goals are totally different from each other. Father Chor Fan (Sunny Chan) has feelings still like a man in the 60s, but Son Chor Chi (Ron Ng) finds that he is too slow compared to others who are living in the 21st Century.

Chor Chi from the 21st Century goes back in time to the 60s when his father was in his youth. The Father and Son became best of brothers. Chor Chi offends many people and seldom greets others. Hence, he isn't well liked by other neighbours. There is only Chor Fan who protects him all the time and even introduces him to a job at a departmental store. However, Chor Chi, who is over-ambitious, only knows how to blame his father for being too old-fashioned and allows others to take advantage of him. Chor Chi causes many problems, including causing many other neighbours to lose their homes. When he finally begins to regret his actions and tries to fix them, he finds that he has travelled back to the 21st century...

This is a comedy which shows a travel in time. The circumstances that happen will not only cause positive aftertaste, but allows one to think about the meaning behind "There's no inborn talent to become a powerful person overnight; A good man should work hard and stand up strong on his own feet."


The tenants

Cast Role Description
Ron Ng Chor Chi
a 28-year-old well-established businessman who works for a cigarette company. His father is extremely unhappy with his "life-stealing" job and often urges him to work at a different company. Although filial to his father, Chi is annoyed with his father's old-fashioned beliefs and their relationship becomes strained. During a dangerous wet storm, Chi accidentally gets himself warped back in time to 1960s Hong Kong, where he meets his younger father.
Later becomes Ching Lan-Fun's boyfriend.
Sunny Chan Chor Fan
Chi's altruistic and self-sacrificing father. Fan always places others benefits before his own and is known for saying the phrase, "Everyone for me, I for everyone." Fan was adopted by Ko Shan-chuen, who owns a small dumplings shop in Fung Shui Lei. Fan becomes good friends with Chi, not knowing that Chi is actually his son from forty years later.
Myolie Wu So Fung-Nei
a con artist
Later becomes Chor Fan's girlfriend.
Fung-lin's older sister
Shirley Yeung Ching Lan-Fun
the landlady's daughter.
Go to 2006's Hong Kong at last.
Later becomes Chor Chi's girlfriend.
David Chiang Ko Shan-chuen
Ching Lan-Fan's foster father.
Later becomes Tam Lan-ching's Husband
Gigi Wong Tam Lan-ching
the landlady.
Later on becomes Ko Shan-Chuen's wife
Louis Yuen Ngau Ching-wing
a police officer
Chiu Mau-Dan's husband
Ngau Ka-Po's father
Carlo Ng Shing Sap-yee
the only son of the wealthy Shing family
Husband of Yue Fa and Yue Yuk
Mandy Wong So Fung-lin
Fung-Nei's younger sister
Natalie Wong Yue Fa
Sap-yee's official wife
Irene Wong Yue Yuk
Sap-yee's second wife and Fa's younger sister

The Dor Dor Department Store personnel

Cast Role Description
Nancy Wu Leung Pin-pin
Leung Ting-dor's only daughter
Lo Tsan Shun Cheng Kwan-min
Dor Dor's store general manager
cheats the tenants
Chun Wong Leung Ting-dor
Dor Dor's chairman, who used to work as a chef in Sap-yee's home, Pin-pin's father
Lee Fung Tse Dai-bik
Ting-dor's wife and Pin-pin's mother
Li Ka Sing Manager Lam
in charge of Dor Dor's employee management.

Viewership Ratings[edit]

Week Episodes Average Points Peaking Points References
November 30 - December 3, 2009
1 — 4
December 7–10, 2009
5 — 8
December 14–18, 2009
9 — 13
December 21–25, 2009
14 — 18/19
December 27, 2009


Further information: Divas in Distress

A second installment, A Chip Off the Old Block II (Chinese: 巴不得媽媽… jyutping: Ba1 Bat1 Dak1 Ma1 Ma1; literally "anxious mother"), was announced in January 2010. However, official production for the sequel did not start until January 2012, with Poon Ka-tak returning to produce. In February 2012, Liza Wang, Mandy Wong, Him Law, and Gigi Wong were announced to star in the sequel.[5] In March 2012, Chung King-fai and Chin Kar-lok were confirmed to join. In April 2012, Jade Leung joined the cast. Leung's last production with TVB was the 2004 blockbuster television drama War and Beauty.

Awards and nominations[edit]

TVB Anniversary Awards (2010)

  • Nominated: Best Drama - Top 5
  • Nominated: Best Actor (Ron Ng)
  • Nominated: Best Actress (Myolie Wu)
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actor (John Chiang)
  • Nominated: My Favourite Male Character (Sunny Chan)
  • Nominated: My Favourite Female Character (Myolie Wu)

International Broadcast[edit]


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