A Country Doctor (short story collection)

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A Country Doctor
First edition
AuthorFranz Kafka
Original titleEin Landarzt
GenreShort story collection
Published1919 (1920) (Kurt Wolff)
Media typePrint (hardback)
Original text
Ein Landarzt at German Wikisource

A Country Doctor (German: Ein Landarzt) is a collection of short stories written mostly in 1917 by Franz Kafka, containing the story of the same name. Kurt Wolff published it in 1919 as the second collection of stories by Kafka, after Betrachtung (Contemplation, 1912).

Kafka dedicated the collection to his father. He often recounted to Max Brod the reaction of his father when he presented it to him: "Lay it on my nightstand."

The stories themselves have one thing in particular in common: somewhere, whether at the beginning or later in the course of the text, an unsettling moment, which is sometimes termed the "Kafka Paradox", occurs.[1]

Originally the short story "Der Kübelreiter" (The Bucket Rider) was to be included as well, but it was retracted by Kafka before the book was printed.


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