A Day at the Race

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A Day at the Race
Bob and Tom - A Day at the Race.JPG
Studio album by Bob & Tom
Released May 1988
Genre Comedy
Producer Tom Griswold[1]
Bob & Tom chronology
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A Day At the Race
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(1988)Last Train To Whiskeyville1988

A Day at the Race is a comedy album by The Bob & Tom Show, which was first released in May 1988. It is a cassette tape that includes original material recorded during their syndicated, daily radio show and other studio numbers which had not been previously presented on air.

Track listing[edit]

Source: Official Site[1]

Side One
No. Title Persona Length
1. "Back Home Again at the 500" Dave Mace  
2. "James Garner Save Me" Max Zero  
3. "Mall Cop" Sid & Hadji  
4. "Big Peter" The Raging Diamond Cutters  
5. "Indy Song" Heywood Banks  
6. "The Short 500 Song" Marvin Braun  
7. "Prunes" Dad, Tom & the Deanos  
8. "Indy Car Shuffle '87 Live" The Drivers  
9. "Stripper Downs" The Love Brothers  
Side Two
No. Title Persona Length
1. "At the Race" The Mad Armenians  
2. "Elvis at the Track" Dave "The King" Wilson  
3. "Rubber Up Northside Travel Club" The Northside Travel Club  
4. "Rev. Earnest Honestly" The Unser Family  
5. "Madison Ave. 500" Snakepit Dave  
6. "Butch Beer" Poon Tang-Tones  
7. "Sittin' on My Van at the Track" Max Zero  
8. "Elvis: Still the King" Dave "The King" Wilson  
9. "The Indy Car Shuffle '88" The Bizarro Drivers  


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