A Day in the Strife

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"A Day in the Strife"
Babylon 5 episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 3
Directed by David J. Eagle
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Production code 303
Original air date 20 November 1995
Guest appearance(s)

Stephen Macht (Na'Far)
Marshall Teague (Ta'Lon)

Episode chronology
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"Passing Through Gethsemane"
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"A Day in the Strife" is an episode from the third season of the science fiction television series Babylon 5.


An alien probe approaches the station with a series of questions that have to be answered correctly within 24 hours, or Babylon 5 will be destroyed. G'Kar struggles to retain leadership of the Narn community aboard Babylon 5, whose families have been threatened with arrest and torture if G'Kar doesn't return to Narn.
Dr. Franklin struggles with a Stim addiction, and Garibaldi confronts him.
The probe does not in fact explode but is part of a Berserker style campaign, designed to wipe out races that are technologically superior to the creators of the probe.
Mollari approaches Dellen to have Vir fill an empty ambassadorship on Minbar.

Arc significance[edit]

  • Franklin's stim addiction has become readily apparent, and he is confronted by Garibaldi.
  • The Narns on Babylon 5 have rallied around G'Kar, solidifying his status as a leader.
  • Vir is assigned to Minbar as an emissary.
  • The Narn that Sheridan encountered on the Streib ship returns as Ta'Lon.

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