A Divine Proclamation to Space and Time

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A Divine Proclamation To Space And Time
Rico puestel - a divine proclamation to space and time.jpg
Studio album by Rico Puestel
Released June 15, 2008 (2008-06-15) (Canada)
Genre Techno
Minimal Techno
Length 50:23
Label Archipel
Producer Rico Puestel
Rico Puestel chronology
Sone Auric
A Divine Proclamation To Space And Time

A Divine Proclamation To Space And Time is the second album by German electronic music artist Rico Puestel, released on the Canadian label Archipel on June 15, 2008.

Track listing[edit]

Source: Discogs,[1] WhatPeoplePlay[2]

All tracks written by Rico Puestel.

No. Title Length
1. "Mercury" 8:16
2. "Orcus" 6:33
3. "Chatpoint" 8:02
4. "Papumpu" 4:29
5. "Ainz" 7:37
6. "3.38" 7:17
7. "When It Falls It Burns" 8:12

Press text[edit]

Rico Püstel, also known as Dinamoe, hails from Germany and has already released on labels such as Frankie and Minisketch. Here on Archipel he brings us "A Divine Proclamation To Space And Time" which is composed of seven pieces of very diverse and viscous moods. "Mercury" and "Papumpu" take on delicate ebbing and flowing melodic spaces which purr warmly and steadily along into the headier realm with "Chatpoint", "3.38" and "When it Falls it Burns" which comfortably envelope the quietly arcing grey matter within anyone at earshot. "Orcus" and "Ainz" form abstract vessels which unendingly contort into ever novel perceptions while they pitch and yaw within a radiation rich, wavering, quantum framework.


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