A Dog's Journey

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A Dog's Journey
AuthorW. Bruce Cameron
Preceded byA Dog's Purpose 

A Dog's Journey is a 2012 book written by W. Bruce Cameron and published by Forge Books. It is the sequel to Cameron's 2010 book A Dog's Purpose.[1][2]


A year after A Dog's Purpose Hannah has allowed Gloria and her infant child Clarity June (CJ) to stay with her at the farm after the death of Ethan and Hannah's son, Henry. Gloria takes an immediate dislike to Hannah's old Labrador retriever, Buddy, who's real name is Toby when he was born as a feral puppy before reincarnation, who feels he has found his purpose.

Numerous incidents occur in which Gloria's negligence endangers Clarity June before Buddy saves her. Gloria blames Buddy for all of them. Hannah suggests that she keep CJ at the farm while Gloria pursues her singing career, enraging Gloria, who leaves with Clarity June. Hannah notices Buddy has a limp and takes him to the vet. A veterinarian diagnoses Buddy with cancer and he is euthanized shortly after.

Toby wakes up reincarnated as a different dog. This time, he is Molly, a female poodle mix, and finds her way to CJ who is now a teenager. CJ takes Molly home after her friend Trent decides to adopt Molly's brother, Rocky. CJ tries to hide Molly in her basement, but she is discovered by Gloria. Throughout all this, Gloria verbally abuses CJ about her weight, and goes on shopping trips and vacations while leaving her young daughter alone at home. CJ begins missing school, and a truant officer says she and Gloria must appear in court. CJ says that if Gloria lets her keep Molly, she will behave. While Trent is CJ's best friend, she starts dating Shane, an unsavory criminal/stalker. At 17, she is arrested after she is coerced into helping Shane and break into their school.

After various quarrels with her mother, CJ runs away to California. However, she comes across some police officers, who send her home. When she returns, Trent tells her that her mother, who is believed to be a real estate agent, hasn't sold a house in three years. After confronting Gloria, she admits to drawing money from CJ's father's life insurance, which was originally supposed to be used to pay for CJ's education. CJ runs away a second time. After Gloria takes CJ home yet again, CJ is stalked by her boyfriend, who crashes his car into hers, killing Molly.

Toby is reincarnated a few years later as Max, a Chorkie(Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier mix). After the car crash and determined to be reunited only with CJ, Max has an innate distrust for people and fails to be adopted. The day before his planned euthanasia, he runs into an apartment building and is reunited with CJ, who is now a part-time dog walker and actress living in New York.. After some deliberation, she keeps him.

Trent, who is also living in New York, informs CJ that he plans to propose to his girlfriend. CJ attempts suicide by taking pills containing antifreeze. CJ begins living with Trent while she is treated for the damage to her kidneys. She travels to the Farm and reunites with Hannah. While she and Trent drive home, Trent proposes to her. It is revealed CJ pursued a career as a therapist, specializing in eating disorders, and helping teens suffering from the same abuse she suffered from Gloria during her life.

A short time later, Max uses a signal that he learned while living as Molly to tell CJ that Trent has cancer. His treatment is successful. Sometime later, Max dies.

Toby is reincarnated as a therapy beagle at a hospice center. One day, he discovers that Gloria is in the center and dying of Alzheimer's, where he meets CJ. After Gloria dies, CJ begins working at the hospice center, until she decides to undergo assisted suicide. Years after the death of CJ, Toby himself dies, but instead of being reincarnated he goes to heaven, where he meets with all his previous owners.


Library Journal called it a "multi-hanky read".[3]


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