A Dot Com Mom

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A Dot Com Mom
अ डॉट कॉम मॉम
Directed by Dr. Meena-Nerurkar
Produced by Dr. Meena-Nerurkar
Screenplay by Dr. Meena-Nerurkar
Story by Dr. Meena-Nerurkar
Starring Vikram Gokhale
Dr. Meena-Nerurkar
Vijay Chavan
Apurva Bhalerao
Sai Gundewar
Asha Shelar
Dipti Lele
Shriram Kolhatkar
Dr. Deven Gabale
Makarand Bhave
Manasi Karandikar
Seeyali Singh
Dawn Scott
Carrie Sullivan
Rafael Dieppa
Prashant Tapasvi
Music by Ashok Patki
Pratik Shah
Neel Nadkarni
Edited by Sunil Jadhav
Release date
  • 30 September 2016 (2016-09-30)
Country India
Language Marathi

A Dot Com Mom (Marathi: "अ डॉट कॉम मॉम") is a 2016 Marathi language Family Drama film. It is directed by Dr. Meena-Nerurkar, who also stars in the film with Vikram Gokhale, Vijay Chavan, Apurva Bhalerao, and Sai Gundewar. The movie was released in India in September 2016.

The movie is the first Marathi film to be filmed in the United States.


Sulbhatai, a struggling, middle-class mother from a small town in Maharashtra, India, works hard to raise her highly intelligent son, Sunil, who eventually moves to the United States and becomes a successful millionaire through his website. He invites his parents to visit him, but only his mother manages to come. Her son is excited and wants to show her around, but she cannot cope with the more modern culture of the United States. Sunil's wife, Seema, cannot bear her mother-in-law's presence in her house, so Sulbhatai decides to go back to India early. Months later, Sunil wants his mother to return to the United States. She is reluctant, but her husband insists that she return to help during Seema's labor. Having prepared for two months, Sulbhatai returns to the United States. [1] [2]



Crew Names
Production Companies Kayan Productions in association with Kalabhavan USA
Director, Story, Screenplay, and Dialogue Dr. Meena-Nerurkar
Producer Dr. Meena-Nerurkar
Music Directors Sudhir Phadke, Ashok Patki - Neel Nadkarni, Pratik Shah
Lyrics by Jagdish Khebudkar, Neel Nadkarni, Dr.Meena-Nerurkar
Choreography Dr. Meena-Nerurkar
Singers Devaki Pandi, Suresh Wadkar, Vinay Mandke, Neel Nadkarni, Nida, Neelaja Ankrom
Executive Producers Jitendra Kulkarni ( INDIA ), Rahul Bodas (INDIA), Sanjay Shetye (USA)
Associate Director Sandeep Patil
Editor Sunil Jadhav
DI Colorist Kiran @ Prasad Labs
Sound Recordist Sandeep Raool
Sound Studio Aradhana Sound Studio
VFX Effects Piyush Khandelwal
Line Producer Raashi Desai
Production Manager Tejoo Bambulkar
Art Direction Tejoo Bambulkar, Sunita Phatak (USA)



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