A Drama in Livonia

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A Drama in Livonia
'A Drama in Livonia' by Léon Benett 01.jpg
Author Jules Verne
Original title Un drame en Livonie
Translator I. O. Evans
Illustrator Léon Benett
Country France
Language French
Series The Extraordinary Voyages No. 52
Genre Adventure novel
Publisher Pierre-Jules Hetzel
Publication date
Published in English
Media type Print (hardback)
Preceded by Traveling Scholarships
Followed by The Lighthouse at the End of the World

A Drama in Livonia (French: Un drame en Livonie) is a novel written by Jules Verne in 1893,[1] revised in 1903 and first published in 1904.

Plot outline[edit]

In Livonia, a bank employee who is carrying money is murdered. The prime suspect is Professor Dimitri Nicolef. He was the only person present, besides the innkeeper German Kroff. Wladimir Yanof, a lawyer and the fiancé of Ilka Nicolef (the professor's daughter), has escaped from Siberia to prove the innocence of his future father-in-law.

Publication history[edit]

  • 1967, UK, London: Arco. 192 pp., First UK edition


  1. ^ The book was written during the Dreyfus affair, hence the similarity of the stories.

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