A Drop of Water

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A Drop of Water
Keiko Matsui - A Drop of Water (1987).jpg
Studio album by Keiko Matsui
Released 1987
Label Passport Jazz
Keiko Matsui chronology
Keiko Project
(1985)Keiko Project1985
A Drop of Water
Under Northern Lights
(1989)Under Northern Lights1989

A Drop of Water is the debut album by Keiko Matsui from 1987. The album was also released in 1993 and then 1997 adding a bonus track for the previous album.

The original cover showed some colored pictures of Keiko Matsui with some other thing. The other released cover showed Keiko Matsui reaching for the Sun in the blue sky.


This auspicious introduction to the many aspects of the composer's skills finds her surrounded by a slew of L.A.'s top players, some of whom had yet to begin their own solo careers at this point: Grant Geissman, Brandon Fields, Robben Ford, Nathan East, and Jimmy Johnson. Matsui balances a mystic Eastern edge with a lighthearted New Agey pop appeal. "Ancient Wind" and the Geissman co-composition "Mediterranean Sea" are the best cuts, building from pastoral ideas into an explosive ensemble hook. Matsui also showed her penchant for soulful vocal pieces, using Abu Khalil and Marva King to varying effectiveness. The emotional vocal title cut was inspired by Challenger astronaut Ron McNair.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Ancient Wind" Keiko Matsui 6:22
2. "Light Above the Trees" Keiko Matsui 4:48
3. "Harbor Wind" (Featuring Marva King) Jeff Day/Keiko Matsui 5:40
4. "Mediterranean Sea" Grant Geissman/Keiko Matsui 4:20
5. "A Drop of Water" (Featuring Carl Anderson) Jeff Day/Keiko Matsui 5:24
6. "From My Window" Keiko Matsui 5:10
7. "Only Way Home" Keiko Matsui 3:07
8. "Fairy" (Featuring Carl Anderson) Kim Dodgson/Keiko Matsui 4:34
9. "Paper Spirit" (Featuring Molly Pasutti) Jeff Day  


  • Keiko Matsui: Piano, Keyboards
  • Kazu Matsui: Shakuhachi
  • Brandon Fields: Saxophone
  • Walt Flower: Flugelhorn
  • Susie Katayama: Cello
  • David Garfield: Piano, Synthesizers
  • Derek Nakamato: Synthesizers
  • Grant Geissman: Guitar
  • Robben Ford: Guitar
  • Nathan East: Bass
  • Gregg Bissonette: Drums
  • Micheal Fisher: Percussion

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