A Face to Die For

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A Face to Die For
Directed by Jack Bender
Written by Marvin Werlin
Mark Werlin (book)
Duane Poole
Starring Yasmine Bleeth
James Wilder
Robin Givens
Chandra West
Distributed by NBC network
Release date
March 11, 1996
Running time
90 minutes

A Face To Die For (also known as The Face in the UK & Australia) is a 1996 television film, based on the book "The Face" by Marvin and Mark Werlin. The teleplay was also written by Marvin Werlin, Mark Werlin and Duane Poole, is a romantic thriller that starred Yasmine Bleeth, James Wilder and Robin Givens.


Due to a tragic childhood accident, Emily Gilmore (Yasmine Bleeth) is left scarred both physically and mentally. The large scar on her face is a constant reminder to Emily that her career and love life are suffering. Lonely yet talented, Emily longs for a successful career and romance but is trapped by insecurity and fear.

The handsome Alec Dalton (James Wilder) turns Emily's life around and makes her feel truly happy and secure for the first time in her life. Unfortunately, Alec talks Emily into stealing money from her employer. But the old man that Emily works for comes in during the heist and has a heart attack. Emily stays behind to help him while Alec runs off. He gets away with the money but Emily is sent to prison. She is so in love with Alec she does not say a word about Alec's involvement.

While Emily is in prison she learns that Alec has run away with her own sister, Sheila Gilmore (Chandra West). Devastated, Emily gets in a fight with another inmate and because of the injuries she sustains she has to be seen by Dr. Matthew Sheridan (Richard Beymer). The doctor tells her that he can correct her scars for free with an experimental surgery. It's a great success and Emily is beautiful, almost unrecognizable. After the surgery Emily begins a relationship with the surgeon, who showers her in gifts and love. She is released from prison and The two get engaged, but Emily leaves him when she discovers that Matthew had reconstructed her face to be identical to his dead wife's.

Emily attempts to begin again, changing her name and starting her own business as a fashion designer with her friend from prison Claudia (Robin Givens). She reconnects with a kind man from her past, Paul (Ricky Paull Goldin), and starts a relationship with him (though he does not know her true identity.) But when Emily runs into Alec and he does not recognize her, she decides to take her revenge.



Ricky Paull Goldin, who acted in this movie along with Yasmine Bleeth, was engaged to be married to Yasmine, but the wedding was called off after the wedding invitations had already been printed.

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