A Family Affair (2001 film)

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A Family Affair
Directed by Helen Lesnick
Produced by Valerie Pichney
Written by Helen Lesnick
Starring Helen Lesnick
Erica Shaffer
Music by Danny De La Isla
Kelly Neill
Robert Westlind
Cinematography Jim Orr
Atta Girl Productions
Distributed by Wolfe Video
Release date
Running time
107 min
Country United States
Language English

A Family Affair is a 2001 lesbian romantic comedy directed by Helen Lesnick. The director followed the film up with Inescapable in 2003.


Rachel Rosen (Helen Lesnick) moves back to California after breaking up with her girlfriend Reggie Abravanel (Michele Greene) who she had been with for the past 13 years. After a string of unsuccessful new relationships Rachel agrees to let her mother Leah Rosen (Arlene Golonka) set her up on a blind date with Christine Peterson (Erica Shaffer). Their relationship is a success and a year later they decide to get married. Then a few days before the wedding Reggie comes to California to find Rachel, hoping to get back together...


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