A Faun Teased by Children

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A Faun Teased by Children
A Faun Teased by Children by Bernini.jpg
Artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Year 1616–17 (1616–17)
Type Sculpture
Material Marble
Dimensions 132 cm (52 in)
Location Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Coordinates Coordinates: 40°46′44″N 73°57′49″W / 40.77891°N 73.96367°W / 40.77891; -73.96367

A Faun Teased by Children is a marble sculpture by Italian artists Gian Lorenzo Bernini and his father Pietro Bernini.[1] It was executed in 1616 and 1617, when Gian Lorenzo was not yet twenty years old. It is currently in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.[2]


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