A Few Seconds of Panic

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A Few Seconds of Panic
A Few Seconds of Panic.jpg
Author Stefan Fatsis
Country United States
Language English
Genre Sportswriting
Published 2008

A Few Seconds of Panic is a nonfiction first-person narrative by Stefan Fatsis, published in 2008. The book chronicles Fatsis, a professional 43-year-old sportswriter working for the Wall Street Journal, and his attempt to play in the National Football League.[1] Along the way, he relates the personal stories and struggles that professional football players face in the league.[2] After some setbacks, Fatsis eventually finds some success as a backup placekicker for the Denver Broncos.[3][4][5] The book's title comes from Jason Elam's description of being a kicker as "hours and hours of boredom surrounded by a few seconds of panic."[6]

A Few Seconds of Panic has been compared to George Plimpton's Paper Lion, a 1966 book wherein the author joins the Detroit Lions as a backup quarterback.[7][8][9]

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