A Fish in the Bathtub

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A Fish in the Bathtub
DVD Cover
Directed by Joan Micklin Silver
Starring Jerry Stiller
Release date
March 1999
Running time
96 minutes
Country United States
Language English

A Fish in the Bathtub is a 1999 comedy film directed by Joan Micklin Silver.[1] It stars real life couple Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara.[1]


Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara play Sam and Molly, a married husband and wife whose marriage has been stretched to the brink after 40 years of incessant bickering over the smallest of things, not the least of which is Sam's inexplicable decision to keep a fish in the bathtub. This, along with a daily harangue from the cantankerous Sam, forces Molly to finally pack a bag and go to son Joel's home, which sets the stage for the family to fight through this bump in the road and get life back on track.[2]



The film has been generally poorly received. Rotten Tomatoes has given the film a score of 43%.[3] Contact Music referred to it as "Just not that humorous".[4] The New York Times criticized the film's dialogue, stating that "...the bickering goes too far..."[5] Killer Movies referred to its plot as "...nothing particularly new or significant or eye-popping..."[6]


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