A Fonder Heart

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A Fonder Heart
Directed by Jim Fitzpatrick
Produced by James D. Brubaker
Written by Jim Fitzpatrick
Starring Daryl Hannah
Stockard Channing
Janine Turner
James Brolin
Louis Gossett, Jr.
Audrey Landers
Rachel Hunter
Rebecca De Mornay
Jim Fitzpatrick
Music by William Scott Davis
Cinematography Lux
Edited by Scott Conrad
Distributed by MGM
Release date
  • November 22, 2011 (2011-11-22)
Running time
115 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $7 million

A Fonder Heart is an 2011 drama film directed by Jim Fitzpatrick about a 15-year-old boy, Joey Boone who shares his hospitalisation time with self-made multimillionaire Craig Thomas.


The inspiration of the film is based around the true story of Jim Fitzpatrick's childhood friend known only as Joey Boone, who died of bone cancer in 1974.


A Fonder Heart is based on a true story about Joey Boone, 15-year-old boy, and Craig Thomas, 59-year-old self-made multimillionaire developer. Joey and Craig became hospital roommates in 1974. Joey believes that he is simply being looked at for a minimal knee surgery due to a basketball injury, while Craig fears the worst...that life and old age have finally caught-up with him, and that he is dying. The two eventually develop empathy for each other's personal problems and issues, as well as life's similar hardships. However it is revealed that it is Joey is the one who is terminally ill and having made a father-son relationship Craig stays out the rest of Joey's days with him.


According to the director Jim Fitzpatrick's website the actor William Shatner is set to make a cameo appearance.


These are a list of filming locations used in A Fonder Heart[1]

  • Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA
  • Clearwater, Florida, USA
  • Clearwater-St. Petersburg Airport, Florida, USA
  • Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, USA
  • Scruggs Harbor, Florida, USA
  • Tampa, Florida, USA