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A Further Range is a collection of poems by Robert Frost published in 1936 by Henry Holt & Co. (New York) and in 1937 by Jonathan Cape (London). The collection was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1937.This volume is divided into 6 parts - 1-Taken Doubly 2-Taken Singly 3-Ten mills 4-The Outlands 5-Build Soil 6-A Missive Missile


  1. "Taken Doubly"
    1. "A Lone Striker"
    2. "Two Tramps in Mud Time"
    3. "The White-Tailed Hornet
    4. "A Blue Ribbon at Amesbury"
    5. "A Drumlin Woodchuck"
    6. "The Gold Hesperidee"
    7. "In Time of Cloudburst"
    8. "A Roadside Stand"
    9. "Departmental"
    10. "The Old Barn at the Bottom of the Fogs"
    11. "On the Heart's Beginning to Cloud the Mind"
    12. "The Figure in the Doorway"
    13. "At Woodward's Gardens"
    14. "A Record Stride"
  2. "Taken Singly"
    1. "Lost in Heaven"
    2. "Desert Places
    3. "Leaves Compared with Flowers"
    4. "A Leaf Treader"
    5. "On Taking from the Top to Broaden the Base"
    6. "They Were Welcome to Their Belief"
    7. "The Strong Are Saying Nothing
    8. "The Master Speed"
    9. "Moon Compasses"
    10. "Neither Out Far nor in Deep"
    11. "Voice Ways"
    12. "Design"
    13. "On a Bird Winging in its Sleep"
    14. "After-Flakes"
    15. "Clear and Colder"
    16. "Unharvested
    17. "There Are Roughly Zones"
    18. "A Trial Run"
    19. "Not Quite Social"
    20. "Provide, Provide"
  3. "Ten mills"
    1. "Precaution"
    2. "The Span of Life"
    3. "The Wrights' Biplane"
    4. "Assertive"
    5. "Evil Tendencies Cancel"
    6. "Pertinax"
    7. "Waspish"
    8. "One Guess"
    9. "The Hardship of Accounting"
    10. "Not All There
    11. "In Divés' Dive"
  4. "The Outlands"
    1. "The Vindictives"
    2. "The Andes"
    3. "The Bearer of Evil Tidings"
    4. "The Himalayas"
    5. "Iris by Night
    6. "The Malverns"
  5. "Build Soil"
    1. "Build Soil"
    2. "To a Thinker"
  6. "A Missive Missile"


Pulitzer Prize in literature

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