A Girl in Winter

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First edition (UK)

A Girl in Winter is a novel by Philip Larkin, first published in 1947 by Faber and Faber.[1] It was published in the USA in 1962 by St Martin's Press.[2]


The main character in the novel (the "girl" of the title) is Katherine Lind, a library assistant. The action is condensed into a twelve-hour period in which she has to leave work to escort a colleague who has been taken ill. The incident results indirectly in her realisation that she no longer cares for Robin, an old love interest she had as a teenager.

Larkin himself stated that he had originally intended to write further novels, but he published no more fiction after A Girl in Winter, possibly because of a shortage of material on which to draw for inspiration.[3] John Osborne called it "the most underestimated work in the Larkin canon" and "a harbinger of greatness".[4]

The book was adapted for radio and broadcast on BBC Radio Four in 2013,[5] along with an adaptation of Larkin's first novel, Jill.


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