A Halfway House Christmas

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A Halfway House Christmas
A Halfway House Christmas.jpg
Directed by Eric Moyer
Produced by Frank Carney
Written by Eric Moyer
Starring Robert Romanus
Ryan Dunn
Rake Yohn
Jared Hasselhoff
Narrated by Bobcat Goldthwait
Cinematography Nelson Carlson
Edited by Eric Moyer
Distributed by Echelon Entertainment
Release date
December 16, 2005
Country United States
Language English

A Halfway House Christmas is a 2005 film written and directed by Eric Moyer and produced by Frank Carney which starred Robert Romanus, an American actor who has starred in film and television. Rob is best remembered for his role in the 1982 comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High as the ticket scalper Mike Damone. Also appearing in this movie are Ryan Dunn and Rake Yohn, both of Jackass fame. Evil Jared Hasselhoff plays a nasty Santa. Bobcat Goldthwait narrates the movie.


In this spoof of reality television, five recovering drug and alcohol addicts try to live in a house together during the holidays. The movie follows the participants as they attempt to stay clean and sober for Christmas, while the network's quest for ratings may endanger their recovery.


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