A Holiday Romance

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A Holiday Romance
Directed by Bobby Roth
Produced by Randi Richmond
Written by Darrah Cloud
Starring Naomi Judd
Andy Griffith
Gerald McRaney
Alison Pill
Music by Christopher Franke
Cinematography Eric Van Haren Noman
Edited by Armen Minasian
Release date
  • December 8, 1999 (1999-12-08)
Country United States
Language English

A Holiday Romance (released in the UK under the title A Song for the season) is a 1999 film directed by Bobby Roth and starring Naomi Judd, Andy Griffith, and Gerald McRaney.[1] This film has been released on DVD.


At the beginning of the holiday season, a serious school administrator, Cal Peterson (Gerald McRaney), is sent to a financially troubled school to find a way keep it from closing. After reviewing expenses, he decides that the best way to save money is to cancel the music program in which his niece Fern (Alison Pill is enrolled, and let go its teacher, Lily Waite (Naomi Judd). News of his decision leaks out prematurely, causing resentment among the students. After realizing how much the program has benefited his shy niece, he regrets his decision, but can think of no better alternative.

In a subplot, with Peterson's help, a long-time lady friend secretly arranges a reunion of his father Jake Peterson's WWII squadron, as a Christmas present. He is so happy that he decides to propose.

The film ends with a concert by the music department's students, where Peterson hears his niece perform and then announces that the townspeople have donated enough money to keep the program going.



A Holiday Romance was filmed in Toronto by Jaffe/Braunstein Productions and directed by Bobby Roth. The script was written by Darrah Cloud. The executive producers were Michael Jaffe, Howard Braunstein and Darrah Cloud.[2]


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