A Hologram for the King (film)

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A Hologram for the King
Directed by Tom Tykwer
Produced by Stefan Arndt
Gary Goetzman
Arcadiy Golubovich
Tom Hanks
Uwe Schott
Tim O'Hair
Written by Tom Tykwer
Based on A Hologram for the King 
by Dave Eggers
Starring Tom Hanks
Tom Skerritt
Sarita Choudhury

X-Filme Creative Pool
Primeridian Entertainment
Distributed by Lionsgate Films
Roadside Attractions
Saban Films
Country United States
Language English

A Hologram for the King is an upcoming German-American comedy drama film directed and written by Tom Tykwer, based on the 2012 novel of the same name written by Dave Eggers.[1][2] The film stars Tom Hanks, Tom Skerritt and Sarita Choudhury.


Hologram tells the story of a washed-up, desperate American salesman who travels to Saudi Arabia to secure the IT contract for a massive new complex being built in the middle of the desert.[2]



On June 12, 2013 Tom Tykwer was reportedly developing an adaptation of 2012 novel A Hologram for the King written by Dave Eggers, Tykwer will write and direct the film, Tom Hanks will star as a lead, producing by Playtone, Primeridian Entertainment, and X-Filme Creative Pool.[1] On September 5, 2013 Lotus Entertainment began licensing international rights to the film.[4] On March 6, 2014 it was announced that Sarita Choudhury, Omar Elba, Tracey Fairaway, David Menkin, and Tom Skerritt have joined the cast of the film.[3]


The production was set to begin in first quarter of 2014.[4] The shooting of the film has commenced on March 6, 2014 in Morocco,[5] the filming will also be done in Hurghada in Egypt as well as in Berlin and Potsdam in Germany and will wrap shooting in June.[6][7]



A still image from the film was revealed by The Hollywood Reporter on May 14, 2014.[2] Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema will release the film at the end of 2015.[7]


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