A Illa de Arousa

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Illa de Arousa
A Illa de Arousa
Coat of arms of Illa de Arousa
Coat of arms
Illa de Arousa is located in Spain
Illa de Arousa
Illa de Arousa
Location in Spain
Coordinates: 42°33′16″N 8°51′50″W / 42.55444°N 8.86389°W / 42.55444; -8.86389Coordinates: 42°33′16″N 8°51′50″W / 42.55444°N 8.86389°W / 42.55444; -8.86389
Country  Spain
Autonomous community Galicia
Province Pontevedra
Comarca Salnés
 • Alcalde José Manuel Vázquez Vázquez (Socialists' Party of Galicia)
 • Total 7 km2 (3 sq mi)
Elevation 9 m (30 ft)
Population (2008)
 • Total 4,928
 • Density 700/km2 (1,800/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Arousán, á
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 36626
Website http://www.ailladearousa.es/

A Illa de Arousa is the only island municipality in Galicia, Spain in the province of Pontevedra. It is located in the heart of the Ria de Arousa. According to 2011 INE the island's population was 5,020 inhabitants. The population is divided into several neighborhoods, and places of interest are the lighthouse's environment, the island of Areoso (close to the Illa de Arousa) and Carreirón Natural Park, which is listed as a special protection zone for heron birds populations among other birds that inhabit the island. The Holy viewpoint is the highest point on the island. "San Xulián da Illa de Arousa" is the only parish in this island. Some of its beaches are the following ones: A Area da Secada, A Lavanqueira, O Vao, Camaxe, Carreirón, Espiñeiro and O Cabodeiro.

A Illa de Arousa has five ports. Xufre is the most important and the other important docks include O Campo, Chazo and Cabodeiro.


According to E. Bascuas, "Arousa", registered as insulam Arauza in 899, would belong to the old European hydronymy, and is derived from the Indoeuropean root *er- 'flow, move'.[1]


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