A Kind of Magic (TV series)

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A Kind of Magic
Also known asMagic
Created byMichel Coulon
Arthur de Pins
Directed byCharles Vaucelle
Music byHerve Lavandier
Opening themeA Kind of Magic by Queen (cover)
Composer(s)Herve Lavandier (season 1)
Vincent Artaud (season 2)
Country of originFrance
No. of seasons1 (2 ordered)
No. of episodes26
Executive producer(s)Marc du Pontavice
Producer(s)Marc du Pontavice
Production company(s)Xilam Animation
Original networkFrance 3
Original release2006
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A Kind of Magic (known as Magic in France) is a French animated television series created by Michel Coulon, based upon Arthur de Pins's original design. It was produced by French animation company Xilam Animation in association with France 3, directed by Charles Vaucelle, character design[1] by David Gilson.

The story deals with a 10-year-old child named Tom, and his family's problems, including his older sister Cindy (16 years old), who is crazy after every boy she sees, his toad 'His Highness', his evil maternal aunt Ferocia who wants to turn him evil as well, his ditzy fairy mother Willow and his vegetarian ogre father Gregore who have been exiled from Fairyland and now have to live on Earth.[2]

The series first aired in 2008 on France 3.[3][clarification needed] The series was rated the most popular series at the 2007 MIPCOM Junior trade show, attracting over 280 buyers.[4]

A second season started airing in 2018.[5]


Segment no.TitleWritten byStoryboard byOriginal air date
11A"Memory Gaps"
Michael CoulonLaurent JennettTBA

Troubled by the sight of her darling son struggling with homework about Napoleon, Willow wields her wand (without his knowledge) to equip him with a prodigious memory, including a 20 volume encyclopedia set. Tom surprises himself in class the next day when he guilelessly produces an erudite speech.

Before realizing his prowess is his mother's doing, Miss Tinker was convinced that he's an exceptionally gifted child, which he tries to meet his parents. Panic-stricken, Tom beseeches his mother to un-do the charm. But Willow gets her formulas mixed up, loses her own memory, and ends up persuaded they're still in Fairyland!
21B"Meet the Parents"
Bob Mittenthall and Gloria KettererCharles VaucelleTBA

Tom's classmates decide to work on a group project at his house… so Tom has to find a way of getting his eccentric family members out of the way! He persuades Cindy to take them all to the movies. But he still needs "normal" parents to introduce his friends to.

Resourceful as ever, despite a few failed attempts, Tom uses Willow's wand to magic up a "super dad" and "super mom". Everything seems to be as normal as can be, or… almost!
Steve SustarsicVincent DubostTBA
Gregore is peacefully gardening in the backyard when the neighbor's (Mr. and Mrs. Lumberg's) daughter, Candy - a real pest - turns up to taunt him (yet again), letting her dog dig up the flowerbed.
Yves Coulon
Jean-Marc Lenglen
Laurent JennetTBA
Someone slips a video game into Tom's backpack when he's in the store. Accused of shoplifting, he's taken to the police station.
53A"Big Love"
Mark HodkinsonFred Mintoff
Sandra Derval
Cindy falls head over heels for Lorenzo, the school's beau, but when he turns up to give Tom an Italian lesson, she makes an utter fool of herself.
63B"Uncle Sandman"
Steve SustarsicSandra DervalTBA
Willow and Ferocia are out shopping when their brother, Mister Sandman, turns up unannounced. Gregore and the kids immediately succumb to their unexpected visitor's devilish charm.


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