A London Flat Mystery

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A London Flat Mystery
Directed by Walter West
Starring Vera Cornish
George Foley
Reginald Stevens
Constance Backner
Release date
  • 1915 (1915)
Country United Kingdom

A London Flat Mystery is a 1915 British silent crime film directed by Walter West and starring Vera Cornish, George Foley and Reginald Stevens.[1] It is also known by the alternative title The Mystery of a London Flat. The screenplay concerns a Scotland Yard detective who believes two recent murders are linked and sets out to hunt down the killer.


  • Vera Cornish - Margaret Forster
  • George Foley - Bentley
  • Reginald Stevens - Bob Pritchard
  • Constance Backner - Mrs Hooper
  • Richard Norton - Bill Hooper
  • Andrew Jackson - Leo Scott
  • Hugh Croise - Inspector


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