A Lost Paradise

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A Lost Paradise
A Lost Paradise (by Junichi Watanabe).JPG
First edition (1997)
Author Junichi Watanabe
Original title 失楽園 (Shitsurakuen)
Translator Juliet Winters Carpenter
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Genre Novel
Publisher Kodansha
Publication date
Published in English
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 372 pp
ISBN 4-7700-2324-3

A Lost Paradise (失楽園, Shitsurakuen) is 1997 novel by Japanese author Junichi Watanabe. It tells the story of a 54-year-old married former magazine editor, his affair with a 37-year-old married typesetter and their double-suicide. The couple, Kūki and Rinko, are modeled after the famous case of Sada Abe.[1][2][3]

The book became a bestseller throughout Asia, selling 3 million copies in Japan. Shitsurakuen became a slang word for having an affair.[2][4] It was first serialized in the business newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun in 1995.[3][5][6] The book was made into a film and a TV drama the same year.[2] The film Lost Paradise was nominated for 13 Japan Academy Prizes winning one with Hitomi Kuroki for lead actress.[7]


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