A Lưới District

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A Luoi District
Huyện A Lưới
Rural district
Country  Vietnam
Region North Central Coastal
Province Thừa Thiên-Huế
Capital A Luoi
 • Total 475 sq mi (1,229 km2)
Population (2003)
 • Total 38,616
 • Density 81/sq mi (31/km2)
Time zone UTC + 7 (UTC+7)

A Lưới is a rural district of Thừa Thiên-Huế Province in the North Central Coast region of Vietnam. It is located west in the highly mountainous area of A Shau Valley bordering Laos. The population includes many Bru, Hoa and Tà Ôi people. As of 2003 the district had a population of 38,616.[1] The district covers an area of 1,229 km² and its capital lies at A Lưới, a former French airfield, later usd by the Americans in Operation Delaware and then by the North Vietnamese for courier flights.[2]

Many areas and mountains in the A Luoi region became historical in the mid-late 1960s during the Vietnam War, such the Battle of A Shau, the 5th Special Forces Camp that was overrun in 1966, as well as the 4,878-foot Dong Re Lao Mountain best known as the "Signal Hill" that was seized by 1st Cavalry Division LRRP / Rangers in 1968 during Operation Delaware.[3] Also, A Bia Mountain, known as the Hamburger Hill that was seized by members of the 101st Airborne Division.[4]

A Lưới is connected to the former French colonial capital and coastal city Huế, one of the main historical cities in central Vietnam by National Road 49, a road notorious for poor safety because of the mountainous terrain and poor road surface. The A Lưới District has one town and 21 communes. The central town has gas stations, and a few guest-houses for travelers.


  • Hồng Thủy
  • Hồng Vân
  • Hồng Trung
  • Hồng Kim
  • Hồng Nam
  • Hồng Hạ
  • Hồng Bắc
  • Bắc Sơn
  • Hồng Quảng
  • A Ngo
  • Sơn Thủy
  • Phú Vinh
  • Nhâm
  • Hồng Thái
  • Hồng Thượng
  • Hương Phong
  • Hương Lâm
  • Đông Sơn
  • A Đớt
  • A Roàng
  • Hương Nguyên

Get to A Luoi[edit]

There are many ways to get to A Luoi such as local bus at South Bus Station but it's a really local bus and not good one. Beside you can also rent private car to explore A Luoi 1 or 2 days. You can connect to Hue city or Hoian Town as well. It could be the best chance to take photo of the minority people on Vietnam Photo tour.

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Coordinates: 16°10′01″N 107°19′59″E / 16.167°N 107.333°E / 16.167; 107.333