A Man's Gotta Do

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A Man’s Gotta Do
Directed byChris Kennedy
Produced byChris Kennedy
John Winter
StarringJohn Howard
Rebecca Frith
Alyssa McClelland
Edited byEmma Hay
Music byPeter Best
Release date
4 November 2004 (AUS)
Running time
95 minutes
Box officeA$154,971 (Australia)[1]

A Man's Gotta Do is a 2004 Australian award winning film from Australian director, Chris Kennedy. The film stars John Howard.


  • Most men hold their head high, put their backs to the wall and do what they must do to give their family what they want.


In A Man's Gotta Do, Eddy (John Howard), lives with his wife, Yvonne (Rebecca Frith), and their daughter, Chantelle (Alyssa McClelland), in a new suburb in the Illawarra part, south of Sydney.

Eddy is a fisherman by day, but by night he works as a standover man, literally a toe-cutter. Dominic, (Gyton Grantley), is his new offsider.

Chantelle is upset because her fiancé, Rudi, a Russian air conditioning specialist, has disappeared. Did her Dad have something to do with it?

The frustrated Yvonne begins flirting with Paul, the plumber, (Rohan Nicol). Eddy encourages Dominic to read his daughter's diary thinking that's the way to get a better understanding of her needs.



The film received Mixed reviews. Australian TV show At the Movies gave it three and a half stars. It holds a 40 metascore, with the Village voice giving it 30/100


The film wasn't nominated for many awards but did win the only award it was nominated for, a Golden Zenith for the Best film from Oceania at the Montreal Film Festival.


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