A Marvel Comics Super Special: Blade Runner

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A Marvel Comics Super Special: Blade Runner
Cover to Blade Runner #1, art by Al Williamson.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
Publication date 1982
Main character(s) Rick Deckard
Creative team
Written by Archie Goodwin
Artist(s) Al Williamson
Ralph Reese
Penciller(s) Al Williamson
Carlos Garzon

Al Williamson
Ralph Reese
Dan Green

letterer Ed King
Colorist(s) Marie Severin
Editor(s) Jim Salicrup

Marvel Comics Super Special: Blade Runner or just Blade Runner is a comic book adaptation of the film Blade Runner, published by Marvel Comics in 1982. It was written by Archie Goodwin with art by Al Williamson, Carlos Garzon with Dan Green and Ralph Reese.[1][2]

Publication history[edit]

With a cover by Jim Steranko, the 45-page adaptation includes one possible explanation of the title's significance in story context: the narrative line, "Blade runner. You're always movin' on the edge."[3]

This was issue 22 of the Marvel Comics Super Special series of titles, which by this time only printed Marvel's movie adaptations. It was reprinted in a two issue mini series but without the feature content contained in the special. In some printings, several pages of the comic were published out of order. Other printing set these pages in the correct order.

In the United Kingdom, it was reprinted as the Blade Runner Annual published by Grandreams. Again, the feature content of the original special was not reprinted.[4]

The mass market paperback was published in black and white and contains images from the film, it is one of the rarest Marvel Comics paperbacks.[5]


The comic followed the events of the film but attempts to fill in gaps in the script.


According to author Lawrence Raw, the Marvel adaptation was poorly received and widely ridiculed as having bad writing and misquoted lines of dialogue from the film script.[6] Julian Darius of Sequart stated that "most movie adaptations aren’t great comics in their own right, and the Blade Runner adaptation’s no different" but also noted that "the adaptation is something of a mixed bag, but the more time one spends with it, the more one likes it."[7]


Original single[edit]

Name Tie-in to Pages Publication dates
A Marvel Comics Super Special: Blade Runner Blade Runner (film) 64 September 1982[6][8]

Reprinted issues[edit]

No. Title Cover date Notes
#1 Blade Runner October 1982[9]
#2 Blade Runner November 1982[10] Cover by Brent Anderson.

Collected edition[edit]

Title Format Material collected Pages Publication date ISBN
Blade Runner, Volume 1 Paperback Blade Runner #1–2 159 1982 ISBN 9780939766109

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