A Mind to Murder

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A Mind To Murder
First edition
Author P. D. James
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Adam Dalgliesh #2
Genre Crime, Mystery
Publisher Faber
Publication date
Media type Print
OCLC 46386132
Preceded by Cover Her Face
Followed by Unnatural Causes

A Mind to Murder (1963) is a crime novel by P. D. James, the second in her Adam Dalgliesh series.[1]


In a psychiatric clinic late one night, the piercing scream of a dying woman shatters the calm, and Detective Superintendent Dalgliesh is called away from his literary soiree to investigate. He soon finds the body of a clinic employee sprawled across the cold basement floor, a chisel driven mercilessly through her heart; and so marks the beginning of a deadly psychological battle with an intellectual, predatory killer who feels no remorse, no regret and no self-control over darker impulses...


"With discernment, depth and craftsmanship, A Mind to Murder is a superbly satisfying mystery." - Chicago Daily News[2]