A Moment

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A Moment
Studio album by Lalah Hathaway
Released May 31, 1994
Recorded 1991 - 1994
Genre R&B/Soul
Length 56:48
Label Virgin Records
Producer Brian Alexander Morgan, Keith Crouch, Chuckii Booker, Keith Ware, Martyn Ware
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Lalah Hathaway
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A Moment
The Song Lives On
(1999)The Song Lives On1999
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Allmusic 3/5 stars link

A Moment is the second album of R&B singer Lalah Hathaway. The album's first single was "Let Me Love You," produced by Brian Alexander Morgan of SWV fame. A video was also shot for the single. The follow-up single was "Separate Ways," released as a double-A side single with "Family Affair." The Martyn Ware-produced "Family Affair" was actually released in 1991 and billed as "BEF featuring Lalah Hathaway".[1]

The CD format of the album is now out-of-print, but is available as a digital download.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Let Me Love You" Brian Alexander Morgan 5:32
2. "Rise" Keith Crouch 4:43
3. "Family Affair" Martyn Ware 4:06
4. "These Are The Things (You Do To Me)" Keith Crouch 4:23
5. "Do You Suppose" Sami McKinney 5:34
6. "Better As A Memory"   4:23
7. "Bad By Myself" Chuckii Booker 4:23
8. "Lean On Me" Keith Crouch 4:52
9. "Separate Ways" Keith Crouch 4:28
10. "Long After U Have Gone"   4:33
11. "I'm Not Over You"   4:21
12. "A Moment"   2:07
13. "So They Say"   3:27


"Let Me Love You"[edit]

Cassette Single:

  1. "Let Me Love You"
  2. "Dreams Don't Lie" (Club Version)

12" Single: [2]

Side A
  1. "Let Me Love You" (Central Park Mix) — 4:33
  2. "Let Me Love You" (Bread And Butter Girl Wonder Mix) — 5:45
  3. "Let Me Love You" (Queen Of The Planet Mix) — 4:37
Side B
  1. "Let Me Love You" (Extended Mix) — 6:30
  2. "Let Me Love You" (Bounce Club Mix) — 5:52
  3. "Dreams Don't Lie" (Club Version) — 5:57

Promo CD: [3]

  1. "Let Me Love You" (Single Edit) — 4:06
  2. "Let Me Love You" (Central Park Mix) — 4:53
  3. "Let Me Love You" (Bed Time Mix) — 5:06
  4. "Let Me Love You" (Bread And Butter Girl Wonder Mix) — 5:45
  5. "Let Me Love You" (All Star Remix) — 4:39
  6. "Let Me Love You" (Album Instrumental) — 5:26

"Separate Ways"/"Family Affair"[edit]

Cassette Single/Promo CD:

  1. "Separate Ways" (radio edit) — 4:00
  2. "Separate Ways" (stringapella) — 4:11
  3. "Family Affair" (album version) — 4:04
  4. "Family Affair" (plati party mix edit) — 4:26

"Family Affair" (12" Single) [4]

Side A
  1. Plati Party Mix
  2. Plati Party Mix Edit
Side B
  1. Booming Percaletta Mix
  2. Instrumental with Billy Preston


  • "Let Me Love You" (Tim Prezzano Hot Tracks Mix) from Various Artists – Best of Street Tracks Vol. 5 – Hot Tracks CD


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