A Mouthful of Air

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A Mouthful of Air
First edition (UK)
Author Anthony Burgess
Language English
Subject Linguistics
Publisher Hutchinson (UK)
William Morrow & Co (US)
Publication date
October 1992 (UK)
August 1993 (US)[1]
Media type Hardcover
Pages 352
ISBN 0-09-177415-2
OCLC 27224188
420 20
LC Class PE1072 .B796 1992

A Mouthful of Air: Language and Languages, Especially English is a work on the subject of linguistics by Anthony Burgess published in 1992.

Among the topics covered are: the mechanics of linguistic sounds; the development of the English language and its connections with other languages; the making of dictionaries; the importance of slang; the International Phonetic Alphabet; the role of dialect; the best way to learn a foreign language; and a look at specific languages, including Japanese and Malay.