A Nicer Shade of Red

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A Nicer Shade of Red
Rollins Red.jpg
Compilation album by Rollins Band
Released 2001
Recorded 2000-2001
Genre Punk rock, alternative metal
Length 62:32
Label 2.13.61
Producer Henry Rollins
Rollins Band chronology
A Nicer Shade of Red
Rise Above

A Nicer Shade of Red is a compilation album by the Rollins Band.[1] It was recorded at the same sessions that produced Nice, making it a companion piece to that album, and was released directly by Rollins' 2.13.61 label. The album features four songs that only appeared on vinyl or foreign CD releases of Nice as well as an extended mix of "Your Number Is One" and a cover of The Dead Boys' "Ain't It Fun".

Track listing[edit]

  1. Too Much Rock and Roll (3:50)
  2. Marcus Has The Evil In Him (4:01)
  3. Nowhere To Go But Inside (3:04)
  4. 10X (3:04)
  5. Always The Same (2:57)
  6. Soul Implant (1:56)
  7. Raped (4:57)
  8. Ain't It Fun (Peter Laughner, Cheetah Chrome) (3:43)
  9. You Lost Me (5:47)
  10. Stone Washed Clean (4:18)
  11. A Life Denied (3:25)
  12. Your Number Is One (long version) (4:37)
  13. Such A Drag (12:55)
All songs written and composed by Henry Rollins, Jim Wilson, Marcus Blake and Jason Mackenroth and published by Be Drinkable Music (BMI)/MS Catalog (ASCAP) except where noted.

Musical Personnel[edit]

  • Henry Rollins – vocals (credited as "throat")
  • Jim Wilson – guitar, piano
  • Marcus Blake – bass
  • Jason Mackenroth – drums
  • Mike Curtis – road manager (also credited with "knower of many things and whatnot")
  • Darrell Bussino – FOH sound (also credited with "The Way. Justice.")
  • Kerim Imes – percussion on "Your Number Is One (long version)"

Production Personnel[edit]

  • Henry Rollins – producer
  • Clif Norrell – recording and mixing engineer
  • Mike Curtis – "great guitar sounds" (i.e. helping produce and record the guitar tracks)
  • Stephen Marcussen – mastering
  • Sander De Jong – assistant recording engineer
  • Chris Reynolds – assistant mixing engineer (Sunset Sound Recorders)
  • Paul Smith – assistant mixing engineer (Skip Saylor Recording)