A Night Like This (film)

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A Night Like This
Directed by Tom Walls
Produced by Herbert Wilcox
Written by W.P. Lipscomb
Ben Travers (play)
Tom Walls
Starring Tom Walls
Ralph Lynn
Winifred Shotter
Robertson Hare
Music by Roy Fox
Lew Stone
Cinematography Freddie Young
Edited by Maclean Rogers
Distributed by Woolf and Freedman
Release date
17 March 1932
Running time
72 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

A Night Like This is a 1932 comedy film directed by Tom Walls and starring Walls, Ralph Lynn and Winifred Shotter. With a script by Ben Travers it is a screen adaptation of the original 1930 Aldwych farce of the same title.[1]

The film was made at Elstree Studios with sets designed by the art director Lawrence P. Williams.


Police Constable Mahoney, with the help of the affable Clifford Tope, outwits a criminal gang that operates from a gambling club. Mahoney and Tope restore a stolen necklace to its owner.[1]


Source: British Film Institute[1]

Cast members marked * were the creators of the roles in the original stage production; Michael Mahoney was called Michael Marsden in the stage play.[2]


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