A Night Out with The Dubliners

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A Night Out With The Dubliners
A Night Out With The Dubliners.jpg
Live album by The Dubliners
Released 13 February 1999
Recorded 1974
Genre Irish Folk
Length 57:57
Label Sony Music

A Night Out With The Dubliners is a Live album by The Dubliners recorded in 1974. The album was recovered and released in 1999 to the UK, Ireland and Europe.[1][2] It is amongst Ciarán Bourke's last performances after he was left partly paralysed later in 1974 following a stroke that later caused his death.

Track listing[edit]

  1. The Fairmoyle Lassies
  2. Sportin' Paddy
  3. The Four Poster Bed
  4. Colonel Riley
  5. The Scholar
  6. The Teetotaller
  7. The High Reel
  8. Seven Drunken Nights
  9. Whiskey In The Jar
  10. McAlpine's Fusiliers
  11. Finnegan's Wake
  12. The Fairmoyle Lassies/Sportin' Paddy
  13. The Black Velvet Band
  14. "Weila, Waile, Walia"
  15. The Holy Ground
  16. Kimmage (Three Lovely Lassies From)
  17. Home Boys Home
  18. I Knew Patrick Kavanagh
  19. Dicey Riley
  20. The Galway Races
  21. The Four Poster Bed/Colonel Riley
  22. Wild Rover
  23. Dirty Old Town
  24. All For Me Grog
  25. Monto
  26. Hand Me Down My Bible
  27. The Scholar/The Teetotaller/The High Reel

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