A Night with the Jersey Devil

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A Night With The Jersey Devil is a song by the American rock singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen.

The song was released as a download-only single, accompanied by a video, on October 31, 2008 as a "Halloween treat" on the artist's website. This release featured a handwritten note by Springsteen:

Dear Friends and Fans,
if you grew up in central or south Jersey, you grew up with the "Jersey Devil."
Here's a little musical Halloween treat. Have fun!
- Bruce Springsteen

The video is included the deluxe edition DVD of his Working on a Dream album, which is currently the only official physical release of the song.[1] It is a blues tune with bullet mic vocals, including portions of the Gene Vincent 1958 song "Baby Blue" (specifically, one verse - featured here as the last verse), and therefore Springsteen shares the song's writing credits with the two co-writers of "Baby Blue", Robert Jones and Gene Vincent.

Springsteen's lyrics tell the story of a legendary creature known as the "Jersey Devil"; in 1735 a woman called "Mother Leeds" gave birth to her 13th child, who metamorphosed into an evil creature with bat wings, forked feet and a horse's head; because of this, his parents threw him in a river where he drowned and now haunts the Pine Barrens in New Jersey.[2]

The song was released on 7" vinyl along with "What Love Can Do" on April 18, 2009 as part of the Record Store Day promotion.[3]


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