A Nightmare on Drug Street

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Nightmare on Drug Street
Directed byTraci Wald Donat
Written byGeorge Larrimore
StarringRaymond Cruz
Joleen Lutz
Adam Jeffries
Distributed byTwin Tower
Running time
39 minutes[1]
CountryUnited States

A Nightmare on Drug Street is a 1989 direct-to-video anti-drug short film directed by Traci Wald Donat.[1][2] The film introduces three young characters, Felipe (Raymond Cruz), Jill (Joleen Lutz), and Eddie (Adam Jeffries), who are now dead. They each died at around the same time, and now exist only as spirits in some sort of dark purgatory. The cause of their respective deaths is that they each made the mistake of getting involved with drugs, a decision they now regret. The three then proceed to narrate each other's stories about how and why they got involved with drugs, and how it ultimately led to their untimely endings.

Jill narrates Felipe's story. Felipe was a 17 year old senior, and a basketball athlete. However, he smoked dope because he heard college kids did it, and he drank beer because his dad drank. One evening, Felipe, while under the influence of both, decided to borrow the family car without permission, and go on a joyride around town, taking his best friend, who was also under the influence, and his reluctant younger brother along. However, Felipe's increasingly erratic behavior and near misses while driving, caused his younger brother to become fed up, and he demanded to be let out of the car, to which Felipe grudgingly obliged. Felipe's brother's life was thus, spared, however he was not spared the horror of witnessing the gruesome deaths of Felipe and his friend from an inevitable car wreck only a moment later.

Eddie narrates Jill's story. Jill was a 14 year old high school student, who was quite shy. One evening, she had a party for all her classmates, where she met an attractive new student. This student took her on a walk outside alone, where he introduced her to cocaine, as a mood enhancer. Jill was reluctant to try it, but the new student claimed it would one day be legalized. After she snorted an initial dose, Jill was enamored with the feeling it gave her, and quickly became addicted, thus beginning a major downward spiral. She began trading off all her money and possessions to drug dealers to obtain more cocaine, even resorting to stealing from family and friends, becoming increasingly and majorly depressed the whole way. Finally, one day after a bad but desperate trade with a sleazy dealer for another gram of cocaine, Jill finished it off quickly, and died that evening, by suicide from an overdose of cocaine and unidentified pills.

Felipe narrates Eddie's story. Eddie was an 11 year old, elementary school student, and aspiring scientist. One day, while at his friends' house, he was pressured by them to experiment with some crack cocaine, and Eddie reluctantly tried a dose, and went home, where his mother sensed something about Eddie was off. To deflect any further parental suspicion, Eddie was instructed via telephone to smoke a second dose to undo the effects of the first one. That evening, at dinner, Eddie's mother and father both noticed something about him was still off, but they dismissed it as a cold or allergy. Suddenly, without warning, Eddie collapsed and died of cardiac arrest, a result of the crack's effect on a congenital heart defect, that no one realized he had.

After the three tell their stories, they give the viewer tips, on how to make smarter decisions to either avoid drugs altogether, and how to get help if started, so that the same fate doesn't await them.

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