A Noite Maldita - Crônicas do Fim do Mundo

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The Night Damned - Chronicles of the End of the World is a book written by Brazilian André Vianco. The book tells of how a vision would have started the end of the world as we know it, until it converges with the scenarios in the stories found in the book Benedict, the first volume of the saga, Vampire King.


When half of the humans inexplicably fall asleep, what emerges is a doomsday scenario: burning buildings, lack of electricity, and desperate people running aimlessly through the streets. Nothing else works, and hospitals are crowded with victims of what appears to be a terrible epidemic. However, the situation gets worse when a part of the "dormant" awakens with an uncontrollable thirst for blood. A war begins on a scale never before recorded, between humans and vampires, which is called "The Night Damned".

The book is set in various cities of Brazil.