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Anthony Ogus CBE FBA is an emeritus professor of law at the University of Manchester and the Erasmus University Rotterdam and a pre-eminent scholar in the field of regulation and economic analysis of law. He also writes and lectures on opera, and records English literature for LibriVox.


  • Law of Damages (1973)
  • with E Barendt and N Wikeley, Law of Social Security (1st edn 1978, 5th edn 2002)
  • Readings in the Economics of Law and Regulation (1984, with Veljanovski)
  • Regulation: Legal Form and Economic Theory (Clarendon 1994, reprinted 2004)
  • Controlling the Regulators (1998, with Froud and others)
  • Regulation, Economics and the Law (2001)
  • Économie du droit: le cas francais (2002, with Faure)
  • Costs and Cautionary Tales: Economic Insights for the Law (2006) joint winner of Socio-Legal Studies Association Book Prize 2007
  • Travels with my Opera Glasses (2013)
  • 'What Legal Scholars Can Learn From Law and Economics' (2004) 79 Chicago-Kent Law Review 383-402
  • 'The Economic Base of Legal Culture: Networks and Monopolization' (2002) 22 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 419-434
  • with N Garoupa, 'A Strategic Interpretation of Legal Transplants' (2006) 36(2) Journal of Legal Studies
  • 'The Paradoxes of Legal Paternalism and How to Resolve Them' (2010) 30 Legal Studies 61-73
  • 'Rethinking Self-Regulation' (1995) 15 OJLS 97-108
  • 'Competition between National Legal Systems: A Contribution of Economic Analysis to Comparative Law' (1999) 48 ICLQ 405-418

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