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A Pallas nagy lexikona (Pallas's Great Lexicon) was the first Hungarian encyclopedia which was not a translation from other languages.[1] It was published by the Pallas Literary and Press Corporation between 1893 and 1897. The encyclopedia comprised 16 volumes, 150 000 articles, and it was the work of 300 authors.


A Pallas nagy lexikona (literally Pallas's large lexicon) is a great universal encyclopedia in Hungarian,.[2][3]

It gradually developed in the years 1893 - 1897 in Budapest. In 1900 it was issued as two parts, but the Encyclopedia eventually reaching a total of 18 volumes containing more than 150,000 entries. Chief editor was József Bokor. The authors were renowned Hungarian scientists, most of whom were members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Its creation was attended by more than 300 authors, among them several Slovak writers.

In 1911 the company published under the title Révai Nagy Lexikon. In the 20th century in Hungary it achieved great popularity. The latest edition was published in 1935 in 21 volumes. In 1998 Arcanum Adatbázis Kft encyclopedia completely digitized and sold on CD-carriers.


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