A Penny for My Thoughts

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A Penny for My Thoughts is a role-playing game by Paul Tevis, published by Evil Hat Productions in 2009.


A Penny for My Thoughts is a storytelling game involving amnesiac characters who ask leading questions of each other to find out their histories.[1]: 425 

Publication history[edit]

Paul Tevis released his game, A Penny for My Thoughts, in the summer of 2009 through Evil Hat Productions.[1]: 425  According to Tevis, the game grew out of his entry into the Game Chef 2007 competition.[2]


Shannon Appelcline describes A Penny for My Thoughts as "the sort of storytelling game that Hogshead Publishing had been producing in its 'New Style' line a decade before".[1]: 425  Wired called the game "very clever".[3]

A Penny for My Thoughts won the 2009 Indie RPG Awards for Most Innovative Game.[4]


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